Homunculus: Dive-N-Jump

A game in which pitiful homunculus are subjected to harsh trials.

It’s a retro-inspired action game that blends early 80s visual style with contemporary visuals and sounds.

In the 15th century, Dr. Hohenheim attempted to create homunculus by alchemy and rule the human world. The homunculus created by Hohenheim were not only perfect, but also those who did not work as directed and a variant of a completely unsuccessful work called Wazow.
In order to form commanding units, Hohenheim decided to give the homunculus who could be used as soldiers the trial to crush the failed variant Wazow, and send only those who got over it to the outside world.

Use a trampoline to guide homunculus as they jump around in parkour-like movements to destroy all WAZOWs. Only those who have destroyed all WAZOWs can go out into the outside world as regular soldiers.