Simon Rogers’s Ama Skater 2

The Simon Rogers’s Ama Skater 2 is a horizontal scroll type action game, where the player is a skateboarder who jumps over obstacles with that most essential of cool skater moves, the “ollie”. The skater squats when you press “5”, and does an ollie when you release the button. The longer you press the button, the higher you jump, but pressing for too long brings you back to the standing posture. The game consists of five stages plus one special stage, and the player can only go on to the special stage after collecting the letters ‘S’, ‘K’, ‘A’, ‘T’, and ‘E’ on the previous five stages. By obtaining each letter, the skater gains the ability to do a new trick – a higher ollie, a board slide, a kick flip, a “manual” move and a “nose manual”. Players can compete on the Internet by using a network score ranking function. Also, it’s possible for players to find unique combined techniques just like skateboarding in real life. For example, when a player does a manual move on the railing, he can grind along and then do an ollie motion and kick flip off the railing.


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