Vert Skater for iPhone/iPod touch

What is Vert Skater for iPhone/iPod touch?

Vert Skater brings realistic vert skateboarding experience that satisfied real skateboarders.
Once you learn how to get air, you will become addicted.


Realistic skateboard movements
All skateboard movements are expressed by 3D graphics and real-time physics simulation. It is designed to emphasize smooth and comfortable riding.

Unique control system
Using ring style direction controller with automatic direction adjust system.
Just need one finger to make a trick routine like professional skateboarder.

Incalculable trick variations
As you combine spin, grabs, flips, you can make a lot of trick variations include inverted air tricks like Rodeo/McTwist.

3 different game modes
Competitive STYLE MODE, Challengeable MISSION MODE and FREE SKATE are offered.

Compete with friends
Compete game score with friends and other skaters all over the world via Game Center and OpenFeint.

Exciting replay
Your replay is produced by various camera position and slow motion effect like action sports TV show.
Other player’s replay will be provided on OpenFeint leader board if OpenFeint is enabled.

Get more stylin’ tricks
By unlocking achievements, you can get more advanced trick skills.

Play your favorite sound tracks
Build a playlist from your iPod library. It will be played as BGM while you are playing instead of internal sound track. If you listen to any song before launch this app, it will be given priority over sound setting.

Note: Please enable OpenFeint to use all features.

VertSkater - Surfvey, Inc.

SD Version Screen Shots


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