Do you know how many different aerials you can make on the World Surf Tour?

We have not yet introduced a very important aerial YouTube video of the BCM surfing game – World Surf Tour. Here it is.

It’s not all of them, but it should give you an idea of the variety of techniques and how serious we are about surfing in this game.

Currently, we are preparing Japanese waves and a new surfer for the Olympics. Stay tuned.

Vert Skater for iOS and Am Skater for Android have been minor upgraded

Vert Skater follows the worldwide trend of changing the name from mute grab to Weddle grab, and we have changed the name of the trick in this game as well.

Am Skater was not sending scores to the leaderboard when the game was over in the Android version, so the process has been fixed.

We hope you continue to enjoy both games.

Vert Skater and World Surf Tour are Finally FREE

Our first iOS game, Vert Skater, and the BCM Surfing Game-World Surf Tour, developed by Surfvey and released by Risesystem, are now free games. Both of them are very realistic, so if you like skateboarding and surfing, we definitely want you to play these games.

Vert Skater was planned to be rejected and released as a separate application, but since it is made with old technology, considering the possibility that it cannot be re-registered, so the paid version has been replaced with the free version.

BCM Surfing Game – World Surf Tour

Vert Skater (Only for iOS)

Vert Skater Free iOS Game
Vert Skater Free iOS Game